5 Tips for Using Sage for Smudging

5 Tips for Using Sage for Smudging


For centuries we have studied the spiritual and healing impact of smudging with sage. Benefits include improved mood, sharper clarity of mind, and even a reduction of harmful airborne bacteria in a room. Now that we know how truly powerful smudging with sage and other sacred medicines can be, it’s time to discuss the best way to utilize your sage and reap the benefits.



1) Take your sage bundle apart

Though it’s possible to burn a smudge stick like a torch, taking your sage bundle apart will allow the air to penetrate the sage, allowing for a stronger, more potent burn. The better the burn, the better the aroma and natural medicines will be released into the air.

2) Gently crush your sage leaves together using the palm of your hands

Some elders say that crushing your sage leaves activates the sage’s natural healing powers. Crush it between your hands to break the sage apart and allow the air to flow through it. This will not only allow your sage to burn better, but will better activate the sage and provide more powerful healing and soothing benefits.

3) Reuse your sage

Many people believe you simply light your sage bundle once and let it burn down to the bottom. Instead, if you break your sage bundle apart, you can divide it into portions and use it over time. Rationed carefully, a sage bundle is meant to last long enough that you can return to it over and over again, for repeated benefits. Burn your sage until it goes out on its own. You’ll find that even after it has stopped burning, there is still usable sage leftover that you can burn the next time you need it.


4) Place your sage in a sheer pouch or leather medicine pouch

If you place your sage in a pouch, the essence of it can permeate a room and provide a natural and effective aromatherapy. Simply smelling sage can have powerful healing effects. Storing your sage in a pouch also means that you don’t have to burn it to feel its effects; you can carry it with you for on-the-go use, which is often when we need it most.

5) Mix your sage leaves with other sacred medicines

For added healing and natural benefits, you can mix your sage leaves with other herbs and sacred medicines. Burn the mixture as you would the sage or add it to your medicine pouch. Research from over 50 countries has found that the smoke from sacred mixture burning helps improve your respiratory system, your skin, and naturally heightens your mood.

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