Benefits of Smudging with Sage 🔥(5 Scientific Reasons to SMUDGE with Sage!)

Benefits of Smudging with Sage 🔥(5 Scientific Reasons to SMUDGE with Sage!)

Did you know that there are scientific reasons why you should start smudging with sage or other sacred medicines? Watch this video to find out why you will want to start smudging with Sage and other sacred medicines too.


 Why are so many people smudging with sage?

 We are here to share these five important reasons why you should start smudging with sage or other sacred medicines. We've helped thousands of people find sacred medicines that are just right for them, as well as why they should smudge. And now it's your turn. You will definitely want to get yourself a bundle or smudge kit as soon as possible. Smudging rituals have taken place all over the world. They've been around for centuries. There are five major benefits from smudging with sage that you can start gaining from just by doing a quick smudge at home.



#1 smudging with sage reduces over 94% of harmful airborne bacteria in a room

Holy moly. That is a huge reason to start smudging right there. There is scientific research that has been done that proves that the smoke's ability to disinfect and purify the air was maintained for up to 24 hours. Now you can start saving money on Febreze and ignite those smudge bulls and smudge sticks and bring on the purification. Now that we know that smudging acts as an antiseptic and it's disinfecting the air that we breathe, what could these four other benefits be?


 #2 smudging with sage neutralizes the positive ions in the room

Makes the energy around us more free. When you are stressed, angry or tense, there is a buildup of positive ions in the air that is being released from your body. The energy in the room becomes stagnant with an imbalance of positive ions. Now, just to be clear, positive ions, aren't the same thing as positive vibes, positive ions are harmful and can cause us to feel tired and burnt out. Smudging turns the positive ions back to negative ones and therefore the practice of smudging cleanses and purifies the atmosphere. Have you guys smudged before? Also, what do you think of these first two awesome benefits? Please share with us in the comments below.

 So now we've looked at the first two reasons why smudging with sage is a really good idea, which is number one, that it removes up to 94% of bacteria in the room. And number two, it neutralizes the energy in the room.


#3 burning sage increases your clarity, awareness and also improves your mood

This is not just my opinion, studies have shown that smudging with sage makes you think more clearly and also enhances your memory too. It's also been shown to quicken your senses as your awareness goes up. How amazing is that? I could definitely use a mood boost every now and then, but increased clarity and awareness is a massive benefit for me and probably for you too.

#4 The smoke from the smudging medicine has been used to help aid lung, brain and skin function

Research from over 50 countries has found that the smoke has been used since ancient times to help improve your respiratory system, your nervous system and your skin too. And once the fumes become inactive, they act as an air purifier. That's pretty cool.

#5 The smoke heightens your state of mind. So you can think pure thoughts and feel good physically and spiritually

Indigenous people have been smudging since the beginning of time. Growing up, I was taught from my elders that smudging gets rid of the negative energies, and it also heals us on a spiritual level. As Native American people or indigenous people, we believe that the sacred medicines are gifts from the creator that were given to us to help heal our mind, body, and spirits.


Now, after learning these five amazing benefits of smudging with sage, you can start reaping these health benefits if you so choose. Please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions.


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