How I found my Spirit Animal 🦅 (How you can find YOUR Native Spirit Guide / Animal)

How I found my Spirit Animal 🦅 (How you can find YOUR Native Spirit Guide / Animal)

Do you want to know what your Spirit Animal is?

This is EXACTLY how I found out what my spirit animal is! - AND what the significance of knowing my spirit animal means for helping me achieve true happiness!

WE’VE HELPED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE find out their spirit animal based 100% on INDIGENOUS TEACHINGS - and I’m going to show you how I learned my spirit animal while helping you find out what your spirit animal is too!

I'm going to show you SPECIFICALLY how I found my spirit animal by answering these 7 quick questions.

We're going to go through each of the 7 questions. But before we get into it - I want you guys to know that this Spirit Animal quiz is unlike any of the other ones out there. This set of questions is here to tell you what your Spirit Animal is 100% based on the 7 grandfather teachings, which are an extremely important, foundational set of teachings in the indigenous culture!

There are 3 very simple steps for you guys - By the end you will be well on your way to not only finding out what your spirit animal is, but what it means and how it can help you experience the happiest life possible.

Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘spirit animal’ before. My guess is that you probably have. But do you know what yours is, and do you understand the cultural significance of a spirit animal? After you read this, you’ll be able to answer ‘yes’!

Here’s how to get started.

#1You can find out what your spirit animal is by answering 7 questions! 👇🏽

These questions aren’t just pulled out of thin air or made up by someone who needed to fill up a page. Not at all! The questions within this quiz are based on the indigenous 7 grandfathers teachings.

#2 To find out what your spirit animal is, answer the questions truthfully, thoughtfully, and carefully

This is key! Try not to overthink the questions (I know this can be tough), but instead go with your instinct and answer in a way that comes naturally to you. That is most likely the right answer.

Maybe you have a favorite animal out of the choices available - but even still, don’t try to manipulate your answers to get that result. Be honest and real with yourself, and you’ll be amazed at the accuracy of these results. I promise, you’ll learn a ton about yourself once you reach the end and answer honestly.

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Now let’s go through the questions of “What is my spirit animal?”

I’m going to go through each question of the quiz and explain a little bit about it:

Question 1:

Which of these answers fits you most?
A. try to be considerate of the emotions strangers are feeling
B. would rather wait in a line than use self checkout
C. always stack my finished plates when I'm done with dinner service
D. consider my tone when speaking so I don't come off a way that was not intended

Put yourself in a situation that calls for these actions and ask yourself - can I picture myself doing this? You might be tempted to choose more than one, but go with the one that suits you the very best.

Question 2:

What type of people do you get along with most?
People with no filter
Laid back/quiet people
People who act without regret (ex. wild child)
People who are humble

This one can be tough! Don’t automatically go with the type of person YOU are, but the type of person that you find yourself gelling with.

Question 3:

Which of these words would you hope to be described as by a friend?

Here’s where you can think about how you’d like to be viewed as a friend. In the most optimal situation, how would you want your loved ones to describe you?

Question 4:

Which of these sayings fit you most?
You wear your heart on your sleeve
You have no problems biting the bullet
You prove that unconditional love is the outer expression of inner peace
You believe that the best thing you can do it stay true to yourself

Once again, think of yourself and how you go about your daily life. This question lets the quiz know what values matter to you in your everyday actions.

Question 5:

How would you rather spend your free time?
Reading a book in the bath
Road Tripping with friends
Playing sports
Wherever you feel like being in that moment

Imagine your perfect day and use it to answer this question in the way that fits best.

Question 6:

Which of these sounds do you enjoy most?
The sound of drumming
The sound of elders speaking
The sound of rain
The sounds of your family’s voices

Think of what brings you the most comfort in this life and try to put it to words, then pick the option that best suits your answer.

Question 7:

Which one of these could NEVER be used to describe you?
Someone who is very stubborn
A total pushover
Someone who thinks they are too good for everyone
A manipulative liar

Which of these options is the complete opposite of who you are? Let us know and it will help to form your answer… you’re almost to the finish line.

You’re done! Answering these questions truthfully puts you right where you need to be for finding out your spirit animal.


#3 Finally, to find out what your Spirit Animal is, all you need to do is read the results

It takes more than just knowing the spirit animal that you got - you’ve got to read and understand the results, since this will help you get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

This is the guide that’s been chosen to help you throughout your journey, and it’s important to know exactly who this guide is so you can gain a special insight of your own self.

When I discovered my spirit animal, I learned about what it means in helping me achieve true happiness! And this is what made it all the more meaningful and applicable to my life.

The results I got from answering the questions were that my spirit Animal is the Raven - based on Honesty… and this is a value that rings true in my life. Understanding that about myself helps me make decisions going forward - big ones and small ones - knowing that I have a spirit guide beside me.

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