How to Celebrate National Indigenous People's Day

How to Celebrate National Indigenous People's Day

What Is National Indigenous Peoples Day?

National Indigenous Peoples Day is a day for ALL Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage and diverse cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

The Canadian government chose June 21 because it is the summer solstice, a day Indigenous people have used to celebrate their culture for generations because it is the longest day of the year.

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Whether you’re an Indigenous person or not, there are plenty of ways to safely and respectfully celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. Here at Tribal Trade Co, we know how to celebrate Indigenous culture and we’re happy to teach YOU how to do the same!

Here are TEN ways YOU can celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day!

#1 Attend An In-Person Event

If you live in or near a large city in Canada OR near an Indigenous community, there is most likely an in-person event happening near you!

Many communities organize pow-wows or gatherings on this day – and they often welcome guests!

Don’t forget, National Indigenous Peoples Day is a day for ALL Canadians to celebrate Indigenous communities.

So, find an event near you and join the celebration!

#2 Create Your Own Celebration With Your Family Or Friends

You don’t have to go out in public to celebrate! You can celebrate right from your home with family or friends – or both!

You can use this time to learn about Indigenous culture together or practice your own traditions if you are part of an Indigenous community. Gather with loved ones and find ways YOU enjoy celebrating this special day.

#3 Participate In A Virtual Event

Don’t feel like leaving your house or being around a lot of other people? Great news! You can also celebrate virtually!

Celebrate Indigenous is a virtual celebration, contest series, and networking event for Indigenous Peoples Day 2022!

You can meet new people, celebrate online, and even win amazing prizes.

Check out all the information you need and register to participate at

#4 Support Indigenous Businesses

One of the best ways you can show your support for Indigenous people and communities is by supporting Indigenous businesses!

Find local businesses in your community or find Indigenous shops or creators online. There are TONS of things to choose from – from home decor to art and so much more.

Your purchases not only support that specific business, but it helps uplift the Indigenous community as a whole. When community members are supported, the entire community is supported – and it’s really as simple as shopping at an Indigenous-owned store.

Plus, it might be fun to shop around and find the perfect purchase for you!

#5 Smudge With Sage

What better way to connect with Indigenous culture than to participate in the sacred and historic tradition of smudging with sage?

You can use your smudging ritual as a way to pray, harness positive energy, or simply feel more connected to the Indigenous community.

Smudging with sage can help you channel positive energy not only for yourself, but for all Indigenous people.

By participating in this tradition, you’re signaling that your thoughts and spirit are with Indigenous people on this important day.


#6 Take A Quiz

You can celebrate by learning more about YOUR connection to Indigenous culture. Are you well connected or just getting started? Are you a strong ally or do you have more to learn?

Find out by taking these quizzes we’ve created for you!

If you’re non-Indigenous, you can find out more about being a good Indigenous Ally by taking this Am I a Good Indigenous Ally? Quiz.

Or, if you’re someone with Indigenous heritage, you can learn more about how connected you are by taking this Am I Connected to My Heritage? Quiz.

This will help you learn about yourself and learn where you might have areas to grow – which could help you choose your National Indigenous Peoples Day activities!

#7 Engage With Indigenous Content Creators

The internet is FULL of Indigenous creators you can support first by getting to know them and then engaging with their content – that can mean liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing the stuff that you like with your friends.

There’s so much to choose from – TikTokers, YouTubers, podcasters, and more.

Seeking out Indigenous creators (even if it’s outside of your comfort zone or your “usual content”) supports the Indigenous community.

#8 Donate To Indigenous Causes

Find an Indigenous cause that you connect with and make a donation, no matter the size.

One option is Every Child Matters – the campaign associated with Orange Shirt Day. Or, any other cause that helps with Truth & Reconciliation.

If you want to find out more about Truth & Reconciliation or you’re not familiar with it, check out this video that explains it all.

#9 Share With Others What You Know About The Holiday

Something as simple as talking with other people you know about the holiday and sharing what’s happening with those in your circle can be a great way to celebrate.

You might be surprised at how many people don’t know about Indigenous Peoples Day or don’t know how to celebrate! Share what you know so you can help spread the word!

#10 Learn About Indigenous Culture

ALL of these ways to celebrate help teach you about Indigenous culture – and that’s because there’s truly nothing more important you can do than LEARN.

That’s why our final recommendation for ways to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day is to continue that learning journey!

By watching this video, you have already gotten started. But, you can also watch more of our YouTube videos, join the Tribal Nation community, and even take our Indigenous Awareness Course.

If you’re looking for an opportunity this fall, join the waitlist for Smudge Circle. Enrollment will open again soon.

Not only will YOU be learning more about Indigenous culture, but you’ll be supporting Indigenous creators and business-owners, too!

Reconnecting with your Indigenous community is a huge undertaking and you should be proud of yourself for taking the first step or even just considering it.

If you avoid these SIX MISTAKES, you’ll set yourself up for success on your journey and hopefully reconnect with your community or find a new one! Whatever the outcome, always remember that there is a place for you. This journey will teach you so much about yourself and your heritage that you never knew before and that alone is incredibly powerful.

If you want to learn more about indigenous people, cultures, practices, and beliefs, visit our website, Tribal Trade Co., for tons of resources at your fingertips.



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