How to Get Rid of Negative Energy By Smudging With Sage

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy By Smudging With Sage

Smudging with sage has long been a sacred method of cleansing mind, body, spirit. The benefits of smudging are many, including improved mood, clarity of mind, and better overall health. 

One of the primary benefits of smudging with sage is its ability to cleanse a person or space of negative energy. In situations where we experience spiritual energy that we do not want to be present, smudging the space the energy occupies can be a peaceful and powerful method of removing it.

You might smudge with sage when moving into a new home, when you feel the energy of your current space needs to be cleansed or balanced, or simply when you feel that something might be “off” about any space you occupy.

By smudging with sage, you can rid your space of negative energy and invite in positivity, gratitude, and self awareness.

Tips for Smudging to Remove Negative Energy

1) Recognize the Good in Everything

While negativity can take over our minds and lives quickly, acknowledging that not everything is bad can aid the smudging process. Focusing on the positive, recognizing the good in your life, and focusing your mind away from the negatives can help refocus the energy in your space as you smudge.

2) Know the History of the Land You Live On

Understanding the history of the land you occupy can help you identify where any negativity might be coming from. Depending on the history of the land, there might be lingering energy that needs help being released from the space. 

3) Open Your Doors and Windows

Creating airflow throughout your space can help the energy exit the environment and invite new energy in.

4) Create a Morning Routine

Incorporating smudging into your morning routine can help establish the energy in your space for the entire day. Start the day with good, positive intentions and that energy should stick with you throughout your entire day. The more awareness and gratitude you establish first thing, the more positive energy you should attract.

5) Prepare Carefully

The intention behind the smudging is just as important as the process. Make sure you are in a positive frame of mind, you’re focused, and you’re fully prepared. Have all the tools you need already assembled so that you can smudge carefully and intentionally.


6) Use a Smudge Prayer

If you feel weighed down by a specific energy or presence, you can recite prayers to help that presence leave your space. This will direct the focus of your smudging ceremony and help the spirit or energy leave your space.

7) Let the Medicine Burn Out On Its Own

Let your smudge stick or bowl burn out naturally. This elongates the process and allows the smudging ritual to come to a natural conclusion. When the time is right, the smoke will go out and you can feel secure knowing that the process is complete.

8) Consult an Elder or Knowledge Keeper

If you need additional guidance or your smudging ceremonies aren’t working, you can consult an elder or knowledge keeper who can offer you further advice. They’ll be able to help you come up with a strategy for using smudging to clear any negative energy or presence. 

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