How to Smudge a New Space

How to Smudge a New Space


It can be overwhelming and stressful to move into a new home. To ease the transition, it can be helpful to cleanse negative energy or clear the space in preparation for new energy and intentions now that you live there. This clears the home of the energy of the previous owners and prepares the space for your occupancy. 

Smudging is meant to bring peace, clarity, and positivity to any space. Not only will it make your new home feel cleansed and more in tune with your energy, it will also help to make you feel more focused, calm, and refreshed. 



How to Smudge Your New Home

It’s important to know how to smudge a new home so that you do it properly for best results. It is best to sage your new space before you’ve even moved any of your furniture or belongings in. This clears the energy of the previous occupants and eliminates any lingering negativity or turmoil. By saging first, you’re providing yourself with a “fresh start.” Start with the back of the house and move forward, ushering negativity outward. If it is a multistory house, start from the bottom and move upward. 

If you’re cleansing a home with furniture already in it, you can waft the smoke over each item and each room to draw out negative energy and redirect your intentions while living in the space.

If you’re moving out of your home, you might consider smudging as the last thing you do before you leave entirely. This prepares the space for the next people who live there and clears your connection to and energy from the home.

We have also compiled a complete guide for how to smudge or spiritually cleanse your home, so that you can follow the process safely and carefully.


Smudging With Intention

Smudging with intention can further prepare the space for the energy you need.

If you’re moving into a new home, you can introduce yourself to the space. To establish a clear connection with the space, you might consider learning about the history of the land the home sits on. In your introduction, you can acknowledge the first people of the land and express gratitude to those who have come before you. State your intention of creating a home for yourself and living in harmony with the spirits that are present there.

Depending on your specific intentions for the space, there are a variety of prayers or mantras you can recite while smudging the space. Overall, it is important to learn the names of the indigenous people that once inhabited the land and understand the history of the home you are occupying.

Alternatively, you can smudge silently and simply keep in your mind positive thoughts, gratitude, and what you hope to learn and gain from the space. 

No matter what, your intentions are important and will guide the energy that you imbue into the space while smudging. Smudging not only spiritually cleanses the space, but prepares it for your new life there.

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