Sage SMUDGING KIT Unboxed 🔥(What’s inside this indigenous smudge kit?!)

Sage SMUDGING KIT Unboxed 🔥(What’s inside this indigenous smudge kit?!)

Are you looking for a smudge kit to start smudging with sage at home? Watch this video below to know what's inside the smudging kit so that you can get started with your smudge right away. We've helped thousands of people using smudging and sacred medicines. By the end of this video, you will know exactly what's inside this smudge kit so that if you're interested in getting one, you will know exactly what to expect.



Smudge kit item #1 Abalone shell

The first item that we have inside the smudge kit is an abalone shell. The shell is used as a heat barrier to protect any surface that you are setting the shell on to burn the medicines that you have inside.

Smudge kit item #2 Bundle of Sage

The second item inside the smudge kit is a bundle of sage. This is also called a sage stick or a smudge stick. Sage is the most common sacred medicine for smudging. As indigenous people, we believe that the sacred medicines are gifts from the creator to help heal our mind, body, and spirit. And smudging also helps us get rid of the negative energy that is within us and all around us.

Smudge kit item #3 Sweetgrass braid

The third item inside this smudge kit is a sweetgrass braid. The sweetgrass smells so good and is less often used for smudging. But, you can do other things with the sweetgrass as well. 



Smudge kit item #4 Feather

The fourth item inside our smudge kit is a feather. These smudging kits either come with an imitation eagle feather or a turkey feather. If you've been fortunate enough to been given a real eagle feather, then you can use it to waft the smoke around when you're doing your smudge.

Smudge kit item #5 Cedar Bundle

Fifth item inside the smudge kit is a cedar bundle. Cedar is one of the four sacred medicines, and it can be used in a smudge bowl, as it's very flammable.

Smudge kit item #6 Wooden Stand

The sixth item inside of our smudge kit is a wooden stand to place your abalone shell on. Now, this wooden stand is optional. You don't need it to do your smudge, but it's kind of nice to have it.


Smudge kit item #7 Tribal Trade Sacred Medicines and Smudging Guide

The seventh item inside of this smudge kit is a card that has a digital download link to the Tribal Trade Sacred Medicines and Smudging Guide. This guide is packed with information on the sacred medicines, and it also has a step-by-step process for how to smudge. 


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