text: Smudging Prayer, what to say. Photo: Mallory Graham holing an abalone shell with a sage bundle in it

SMUDGING PRAYER - How to smudge with sage (What to SAY when smudging!)

If you have no idea, how to smudge with intention or what that even means, or what you should say while smudging, you will soon know exactly what to say when smudging, how to smudge with intention. We’re here to share these 5 simple steps for learning to smudge intentionally, so you can use smudging to transform your life.



#1 Understanding what we mean by intention. 


Intention means you have a plan or a direction in what you are doing. In other words, you have a purpose and an aim for doing your smudge.


For example, if I’ve been having a bad day or am feeling lost, or maybe i am down on myself, then my intention for smudging might be to let those bad and negative feelings go, and to make myself feel better. So I am intending on feeling good about myself, that is my aim, my purpose is to set myself up to have a great day moving forward.


It is so important to know what our intention is with smudging or with anything. Understand what are we trying to do, and WHY are we trying to do it? These simple questions are so important and can really help us find clarity in our lives especially when we’re feeling stuck and unsure.



#2 Do a quick check on your thoughts


Before you start your smudge, have an awareness about what you are thinking. Are you thinking positive thoughts or negative thoughts? If we know we want to feel better we first have to start with our thoughts because whatever we are thinking about, that’s what we’re going to feel. When you're thinking of negative things, you’re going to feel bad, and when you're thinking of good things you feel good.


This exercise alone can help you figure out why you're feeling bad - because maybe all you’re thinking about is negative things. You can’t change how you feel and get to where you want to be if you are not even aware of your starting point, so as you become more aware of what you are thinking about and how its making you feel,  you will then be able to have more control of it

#3 Think & feel positively, think uplifting thoughts and empowering thoughts. 


You want to feel what you're thinking about, and what you are intending to start feeling right? But why do some people have success with this and not others? It's because they are not focusing on it. For example if you are smudging to feel happier because you have been really depressed and sad, thinking about the thing that makes you feel depressed and sad isn’t going to change how you feel at all. You need to think and focus on things that make you feel amazing.


The good thing here is that you can control what you are focusing on, and make sure that you are focusing on empowering thoughts, and feeling only good thoughts by saying certain things when you are smudging. More specifically - asking ourselves empowering questions and then answering those empowering questions


The one great way to utilize this is in our next step, which is what you're thinking and saying when you are smudging


#4 What to say when you are smudging 


When you are smudging, the whole purpose is to feel good and achieve good or the intention that you are going for, so, when asking what to say when you are smudging, the answer is to answer empowering questions like:


  • What am I grateful for?
  • What do I love the most about myself?
  • What is something that I’m really excited about?
  • Why is today a great day?


I promise you that once you answer these questions, you will feel good. But make sure you  think about your answers and really feel them deep down in your heart and in your soul. You don't need to say them out loud if you don't want to, if i'm alone i like to say them out loud though - personally it just helps me feel it more.


For example in the beginning of my smudge would say

Chi-miigwetch to the creator for giving us this beautiful life, thank you for these sacred medicines to help protect us, heal us and to feel good and to live a good life.


As first nation ,or  Indigenous people,  we believe that the sacred medicines are gifts from the creator used heal our mind, body, and spirits and it's always good practice to acknowledge them


#5 What to do after you smudge, and how to carry that good intention with you throughout the rest of your day


The good thing about smudging is that it is an aromatic experience, and it leaves a mark, it stays with you when you smell the scent of the smudging medicine afterwards. So those thoughts and feelings that you experience while smudging, your mind will naturally have a subconscious association with the smell that will be with you the rest of the day - and the feelings that you felt during the smudge.


So in a way, your smudge intentions and feelings will naturally carry on and stick with you for a while after even after your done smudging