Smudging Your House for Spring Cleaning

Smudging Your House for Spring Cleaning

Do you want to level up your Spring cleaning routine?

It’s time to welcome Spring! And when Spring begins, so does spring cleaning – an opportunity to make our space, our minds, and our lives feel tidier, refreshed, and ready to start a new chapter.



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In many cultures, it is traditional to clean the house on the first day of spring. INDIGENOUS CULTURE also values the importance of Spring as a time of renewal, rebirth, growth, new direction, and cleansing.

In Indigenous culture, spring is thought of as a time of rebirth and renewal. Winter is coming to an end and when that happens, we often find ourselves wanting to clean up, refresh our space, and get more organized. It’s a natural part of the cycle of life!

If you’re feeling tired of your usual Spring cleaning routine, then you might try SMUDGING WITH SAGE to help you clear your mind and re-energize your space for spring.

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If you want to include Indigenous teachings in YOUR spring cleaning routine, then just follow these 5 simple steps for smudging with sage.

Step 1: Set a realistic Goal

The first step for smudging with sage during spring cleaning is to set a realistic cleaning goal to tackle.

You don’t have to reorganize your entire house or scrub every room from top to bottom! You just have to focus on what you really want to rejuvenate.

Figure out how much time you have and set a realistic goal within that time frame. Maybe you’ve been putting off reorganizing your kitchen cabinets or the carpets could use a deep cleaning. Setting an achievable goal is important because SMUDGING is all about SETTING INTENTIONS. The clearer and more focused you are on your goal, the more successful your smudge will be.

Don’t stress or set yourself up for disappointment by making huge, unrealistic goals! Instead, focus on the most important parts of SPRING in one area of your home: GROWTH and RENEWAL.

  • What areas of your home would you like to refresh?
  • What areas could be embellished or improved in some way?

Once you’ve set a goal, you’re ready to get started!

Smudging is all about intentions and setting realistic goals. If you're not sure how to set a goal or intention, check out this article on how to set clear intentions!

Step 2: Declutter

The second step for smudging with sage during spring cleaning is to DECLUTTER YOUR SPACE.

Getting rid of the clutter and really SEEING YOUR SPACE will help you examine it in a new light. There’s also something refreshing about being able to see a clean and clear room and really visualize how you would like the space to evolve or grow. Having a clear space will also help you focus on your smudging ritual and let you move more easily throughout the room as you smudge.

Smudging is all about being grounded, focused, and present – and it’s a proven fact that a messy space can make us more distracted! Get rid of what you don’t need or what doesn’t bring you joy. Decluttering your space will help you feel ready to focus on new, positive, springtime energy!

New to smudging? Download our Sacred Medicines & Smudging guide below!


Step 3: Reflect on the Items you're Keeping

The third step for smudging with sage during spring cleaning is to carefully reflect on whatever items you’re keeping.

If you’ve decluttered and gotten rid of some things, then you’ve probably decided to keep some things, as well. Make sure you are keeping items for the right reason – not just because you want to have more stuff around.

Indigenous teachings tell us that Spring is a time for REFLECTION about what is TRULY NEEDED OR IMPORTANT TO US. This often leads to a minimalist lifestyle which can be an important part of Indigenous culture.

In Indigenous culture it is also believed that our belongings have their own spirits. Use this time to reflect on the spirit of each of your items and decide what energy needs to stay and what energy can be released back out into the world.

Purging your home of some of your unneeded items can make us feel more grounded and free of the burden of unnecessary clutter.

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Step 4: Prepare your Smudge Materials and Belongings

The fourth step for smudging with sage during spring cleaning is to prep your smudge materials and any belongings you are keeping or getting rid of.

You can smudge the items you are keeping OR the items you are getting rid of – or both! It’s up to you! Smudging the items you are keeping will help you cleanse their energy and renew them for your next chapter.

Smudging the items you are getting rid of can help release their energy from your space and help you rid yourself of attachment to them, freeing up your space and your energy. Whatever you decide, you’ll need to prepare your smudging materials and the items you want to smudge.

You’ll need a smudge stick or bundle, as well as matches, and a fire safe bowl or abalone shell if you’re using loose sage instead of a smudge stick. You might also choose to use a feather during your smudge.

Once you have all of your materials, you can smudge your items in whatever order you choose.

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Step 5: Let your Items Air Out

The final step for smudging with sage during spring cleaning is to let your items air out after you have smudged them.

You’ll want to let all of the smoke naturally leave your smudged items, which allows them to be fully cleansed.

Once they are aired out, you can pack them away or get rid of them however you choose, knowing that you have cleansed the energy of the item and released the spirit of the object.

Smudging your items with sage makes everything feel cleansed and refreshed, which can help you feel ready to embrace the hope and growth that comes with springtime.

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