3 Types of Smudge Prayers

3 Types of Smudge Prayers

Smudging can both banish negative energy and attract positive energy. Smudging has also been scientifically proven to help us feel better and more focused. It can be easy to lose our way when we’re experiencing a big change, going through a life event, or moving into a new space. Smudging can help us cleanse our minds of negativity and chaotic energy and instead welcome positivity and gratitude into our lives.

Smudging is often accompanied by a prayer or speech. What you say while smudging doesn’t have to be the most important part of the process, but it can be incredibly helpful depending on the type of smudging you are doing. However, don’t let the idea of having to say something out loud stop you from smudging.

There are three distinct types of smudging prayers you can use or you can even make up your own. Reciting a smudge prayer can not only help you focus, but can help attract the energy or healing you are

Ritualistic Smudge Prayer

Ritualistic smudge prayer is performed on a regular basis, usually as part of a daily or weekly routine. A person might regularly smudge because it makes them feel good, cleanses their space, or reinforces positive habits for them.

This type of smudging can be especially helpful for creating positive, mindful habits. If you’re someone who is trying to imbue their life with more gratitude, you might set aside a time in your routine to smudge as a way to dedicate time to quiet, thoughtful gratitude. 

Smudging also enhances focus, so daily or weekly smudging can be a great way to clear your mind and your space at the same time, enhancing and empowering your day-to-day life.

Smudge Prayer for a Special Gathering or Occasion

In indigenous culture, smudging is often practiced at the beginning of a gathering to cleanse the space and cleanse the minds of the people attending the gathering.

Additionally, smudging might be a component of a larger ceremony as opposed to a standalone activity. For example, smudging is often a part of a sweat-lodge ceremony. In this case, there are prayers that go along with the rituals being performed as part of this specific ceremony. At times, the smudging ceremony might coincide with a special feast or other activities. 

The type of gathering or ceremony you are attending might determine which prayers are said while smudging. These prayers might be much more specific than those we recite in our own homes, for our own purposes. In most cases, smudging at gatherings or ceremonies involves a group of people and therefore the prayer will encompass the best interests of all those who participate.

In fact, a special occasion smudging prayer might involve the entire group; the audience might recite the prayer or there might be a series of speeches given.


Smudging Prayer for Targeted Energy

Smudging might be necessary as a result of a big change, a transformative experience (either negative or positive), or a move to a new location. You might smudge when you feel there is an imbalance or a specific need for the ritual.

In this case, you can recite a smudging prayer that specifically channels the energy you need. For example, if you’ve had an argument or have had a traumatic experience, you might recite a prayer that cleanses you of any lingering negative energy.

Reciting a prayer for positive energy after moving into a new space is common, as it allows us to start feeling comfortable in our new home and starts our experience in the space in a positive, calming way.

This type of smudging prayer is used when there is a specific purpose, imbalance, or need for the smudging ritual.

Figuring Out What to Say

If you’re still not sure which type of smudging prayer is right for you, you can start by simply answering the following questions while you smudge:

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What do I love the most about myself?
  • What is something that I’m really excited about?
  • Why is today a great day?

These questions will start you down the path to feeling good, grateful, and focused. Carefully considering what you are grateful for can help you carry good energy and intentions with you throughout the rest of your day. 

If you need more help, we’ve put together a guide especially for you to help you figure out what to say while smudging. You can watch the video here or visit our website, where we walk you step-by-step through how to smudge and what to say while you do it!

Though smudge prayer can be a transformative part of the smudging experience, the most important thing is that you are grateful, thoughtful, and intentional when you smudge. When you practice mindfulness and respect while you smudge, the words will come to you on their own.

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