How to Pick CEDAR MEDICINE 🌲(Gathering CEDAR Medicine from Cedar Tree)

How to Pick CEDAR MEDICINE 🌲(Gathering CEDAR Medicine from Cedar Tree)

How to Pick CEDAR MEDICINE 🌲(Gathering CEDAR Medicine from Cedar Tree) //

Cedar is one of the sacred medicines in the indigenous culture. How do you pick cedar, to make cedar tea, or to use with smudging? If you are wondering how to pick cedar from a cedar tree, then follow along with these native teachings. The cedar medicine is so special to indigenous people, in native American smudging. Gather cedar to use the cedar medicine or cedar tree medicine to heal illnesses such as coughs, colds, and fevers. This plant medicine starts with proper cedar tree identification. Indigenous medicine teachings share that we can make cedar tree tea from gathering cedar with this native medicine. Picking cedar is very culturally significant to first nations people, as this native medicine smudge can be done after picking cedar, and gathering cedar medicine.

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