Smudge Prayer Examples - Part I: What to Say When you’re Smudging Every Day

Smudge Prayer Examples - Part I: What to Say When you’re Smudging Every Day

The biggest roadblock that our students have, is that they don’t know what to say when they’re smudging, and they don’t have a strong focus on what they want out of their smudge either. If you’re wanting to start smudging routinely - but getting stuck on the words to use for whatever energy you're trying to bring into your life - this is for you!

Did you know that Smudging daily can focus your energy every single day and help you feel more positive, grateful, and energized all day long. All you have to do is add it to your daily routine wherever it fits in your schedule. This can be when you first wake up in the morning, before you go to bed at night, or whenever you have time available.

It’s important first to identify why you are smudging and what you hope to accomplish with your daily smudge.

First, let’s take a moment to think about your smudge and the first step which is - Setting Your Intentions

Setting your intentions is helpful because it allows you to better remove negative energy from your body and space and helps you heal on a spiritual level.

Setting your intentions means identifying what you hope to accomplish by smudging. Are you looking to start your day off with love and gratitude? Are you hoping to keep yourself positive and focused all day long? Do you intend to smudge routinely -- either daily or weekly?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your intentions align with a Ritualistic Smudge Prayer, which will be helpful to you because it is used as part of a daily or weekly smudging routine.


The First Smudge Prayer Example You Might Use Is For When - You Are Cleansing A Space

A ritualistic smudge prayer is good for cleansing a space you live or work in to provide a good and positive atmosphere all day long. If you are seeking to cleanse a space or your body, you might describe aloud what you are hoping to cleanse.

For example - what you might say when you are smudging to cleanse your space on a routine basis could be:

“I’m smudging my body to cleanse and purify it of any negative energy and heal my spirit from any pains or trauma.”

You might describe negative energy exiting your space and ask that the Creator allows negative energy to flow out and positive energy to flow in



The 2nd Smudge Prayer Example You Might Use Is For When - You Are Creating Positivity And Empowerment

To create positive energy when you are smudging, you can ask the Creator to help you think good, positive thoughts and have control over your thoughts all day long. This will help focus and guide your energy each day - and help you feel empowered to do so!

For example, I might ask that the Creator helps me see the good in all things and helps give me the strength to view things in a positive way.

Asking for this positivity and guidance each day can give you a positive start to each day, allowing good energy to flow through you all day long.

By reciting a smudge prayer each day, you are reinforcing this kind of positivity and empowerment for yourself over and over again.


The 3rd Smudge Prayer Example You Might Use Is For When - You Are Trying To Enhance Your Focus And Mindful Habits

Smudging is a great way to help you enhance your focus and create better mindfulness. You can use this kind of smudge prayer if you need to focus or if you want to have a more productive day!

If your intentions are clarity, focus, and mindfulness, you might ask for help focusing on gratitude throughout the day, for help being in the moment, practicing compassion, and practicing appreciation throughout the day.

Incorporating this kind of smudge prayer into your daily routine can help you guide your focus each and every day, leaving you feeling more focused and more productive!

No matter what your specific reasons for smudging are, establishing your intentions can help guide what you say in your daily smudging prayer. Whatever you are hoping to accomplish, let that shape what you ask for in your prayer.

If you are someone who smudges regularly -- either as part of a daily or weekly routine -- then a ritualistic smudge prayer can truly help define your smudging routine and help you smudge successfully every single time.


  • Debbie Spencer

    so helpful. I love watching these videos

  • Sandy

    I have almost always thought I was a Spiritualist and now I want/need to focus on smudging. I want to have conversations with the Creator to focus my intentions. It will take some time before I actually start smudging on my own.

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