Smudge Prayer Examples - Part II: What To Say When You’re Smudging To Get Rid Of Spiritual Energy

Smudge Prayer Examples - Part II: What To Say When You’re Smudging To Get Rid Of Spiritual Energy

Sometimes, negative spiritual energies can linger in our homes - and they make us feel uncomfortable, a little bit on edge, and in some cases even scared!

Maybe you moved to a new place or need to overcome some sort of personal trauma. Or, maybe, you are just trying to get rid of any negative spiritual energy inside of you.

If this is the case, you might try using any of these specific prayer examples to help you cleanse negative energies. After you use smudge prayers to help you get rid of unwanted spiritual energy in your home it will absolutely transform your space. Your space will feel lighter, more positive, and cleansed with love & light. It’s difficult to describe, but it is a real feeling.

It’s important first to identify why you are smudging and understand your reasoning for smudging. Explore your feelings and practice self awareness to get into the right frame of mind.

Take A Moment To Think About Your Smudge And The Type Of Prayer That Best Suits Your Needs

Setting your intentions is helpful because it allows you to have a clear focus on removing the negative energy from your body and space and helps you heal on a spiritual level. You might set an intention to free the spiritual energy in your space. Or, you might set an intention to reduce your anxiety related to your trauma.

No matter what the reason you are smudging, try to focus on the positive. This will help alter and remove the negative spiritual energy you are experiencing. If you are smudging to remove spiritual energy, there is a specific kind of smudge prayer that can help you: a Targeted Energy Smudge Prayer.

This type of prayer helps you target the energy you would like to be rid of. Determine what energy you are trying to eliminate and use a targeted energy smudge prayer to accomplish that task.

A targeted energy smudge prayer can help you if you know just what to say.

Once You’ve Identified The Type Of Smudge Prayer You Need, There Are A Few Different Things You Can Say. The First Is:


State Where Or What Needs To Be Cleansed

For example, you might say:

Creator, I ask for your help to cleanse this house of any negative energy, making space for good, positive energy to occupy our home.

This clearly states your intention that the negative energy exit your space and invites positive energy to replace it. This allows your targeted energy smudge prayer to specifically target the space that needs cleansed, focusing the energy and providing a better outcome.


Stating The Energy You’d Like To Invite In

Not only do you want to rid yourself of negative energy, but you want to invite in positivity, gratitude, love, joy, or whatever other emotions you would like to focus on.

For example, you might say:

Creator, please help to protect and bless this space from negative energies and help us create a home that is peaceful and joyful for me and my family.

This helps you focus specifically on the type of energy you would like to create in your space



Try Speaking Directly To The Spirits

You might try speaking directly to the spirits that are disrupting you.

Include in your smudge prayer something like:

“Any spirits that visit our space, I ask that you please respect that this is our home. It is a very sacred place where we would like to feel comfortable and safe.”

This acknowledges the spirits but also makes your intentions clear and establishes your ownership of the space.


Always Finish With Gratitude

Be sure to always end your smudge prayer with gratitude. This is an important part of the smudging ritual -- it acknowledges the Creator, the sacred medicines, the spirits, your space, and your intentions.

You might say something along the lines of:

“We smudge with these sacred medicines to cleanse all of the spiritual energy that is occupying this house. We are very grateful to be able to use them to purify the space and communicate with you.”

This is a great way to end your smudge prayer on a positive note.

No matter what your specific reasons for smudging are, establishing your intentions can help you ask for a specific outcome while you are smudging. In turn, this can help guide what you say in your targeted energy smudging prayer. Whatever you are hoping to accomplish, let that shape what you ask for in your prayer.

If you are looking to cleanse your space, body, or mind and get a fresh start, then a targeted energy smudging prayer can help you identify the energy you need to get rid of and cleanse it for you.

The way you shape your prayer is up to you, but can use these approaches to help you decide what specifically to say in your prayer.

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