A Quick-Start to Smudging:

Step 1
What's inside a bundle?

Smudge bundle includes: sage, abalone shell, smudging feather, other sacred medicines & significant items.
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Step 2
Set clear intentions for your smudge
What are intentions?
Set a goal, or an aim for your smudge, and be sure to focus on your intention for smudging in the first place.
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Step 3
Light your medicine & smudge yourself
How do I smudge myself?
First smudge your feather, then your head, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, and body to cleanse it from negativity.
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Step 4
Start smudging with your prayer:
How do I use this smudge prayer?

Use the following prayer to speak either in your head or out loud. Feel free to add to this prayer to make it your own and feel the energy you want to attract.

Thoughtfully comprehensive ritualistic smudge prayer

Thank you creator for giving me these precious gifts all around me.
I am grateful for the sacred medicines that you have given us to cleanse, to heal, to communicate with you and all other spirits and creation.
Creator, please help me to think good, and positive thoughts. Help give me strength to have focus and control over what I’m thinking, so I can choose to focus my energy on the good things I have in my life.
Creator, I ask that you help me to see the good in all things. Help give me strength to view things as they are in a positive way, and give me the optimism to focus my sights on the abundance around me that I am so grateful for.
I ask that you please help me to speak only words of kindness and honesty. Help give me love and compassion to only say nice things to myself and others.
Creator, please help me to feel good in my heart, and live positive thoughts. Help give me bravery to overcome feelings of fear, and focus on the good feelings.
I’ll now smudge the rest of my body to cleanse and purify it of any negative energy, and heal my spirit from any pains or trauma.
Creator, thank you for providing me physical strength and healing to overcome pain and take care of myself and my family.
Thank you creator for giving me good health, good relationships with my loved ones, and thank you for keeping my friends and family in good health.
I ask that you help me focus on gratitude throughout the day, to appreciate everything around me, to help me not be too hard on myself, and to have compassion for forgiving myself when it's needed.
Help me speak prayers of healing to Mother Earth.
May I be open to hear the good and allow any negatives to not be heard.
I cleanse my heart so that I may be filled with compassion and gratitude. May my heart be in truth and grow with joy.