Your Spirit Animal is the Wolf

Like the wolf, you know your place on this earth alongside all of its plants, animals, and living things. You are compassionate, calm, and can be very patient when necessary. You are strong and independent, but know how important it is to work in a group. Finding the harmony between individualism and collaboration is where you truly find your purpose.

Humility is one of the 7 Grandfather Teachings. Humility means to be humble. Humility teaches us to accept our place in the circle of life and have pride in our community. To accept yourself as a sacred part of creation is to know humility because you know you are no better than everyone or everything else.

Humility is represented by the wolf because a wolf must live selflessly as part of a pack. The ultimate shame for the wolf is to be outcast from his pack, so the wolf must respect and maintain his place among his group. He strives to always be a contributing member of the pack and respects his place within it.

Like the wolf, it is important for you to avoid arrogance and self-importance. You will find yourself by accepting the balance within yourself and all living things.

A Quick-guide of the 7 Grandfather Teachings:

Overview of the
7 Grandfather teachings
The Seven Grandfather teachings are a set of Anishinaabe guiding principles that help people respect others and lead a good life in peace and without conflict.
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that represent the 7 Grandfather Teachings
The animals represent each teaching based on their way of life and how they interact with the animals around them. We can apply their way of life, to our own.
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