What is a

Spirit Animal

What is a

Spirit Animal

What is a Spirit Animal?

Spirit animals, also known as spirit animal guides, have many different meanings in the indigenous culture. But most often, a spirit animal helps us on our path. A teacher or a messenger that comes in the form of an animal - and this animal has a personal relationship with their person.

How do I know what my Spirit Animal is?

Some ways you can tell your spirit animal is by going on a vision quest or waiting for it to come to you. Another option is to take the ‘what is your spirit animal’ quiz on our website that is 100% based on the seven grandfather indigenous teachings.

How can a spirit animal come to me?

It is possible to be touched by your spirit animal in many ways; you might see it on a hike, pass a portrait in a gallery, or hear it sung about in your favorite song. You can use these encounters as a unique reminder of who you are and that your spirit animal is with you on your journey.

how do i find my spirit animal?

If you seek your spirit animal, you need only ask it to present itself to you. Spirit animal meanings vary and are unique to each individual. Consider answering a few important questions which can be found here.

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What is a Vision Quest?

what is a vision quest?

Visions are an important part of Indigenous culture because of the valuable lessons they teach. As I mentioned, vision quests often teach us important lessons and connect us with the spirit world and the Creator.

WHen does a vision happen?

Visions can happen at any time and often happen in pivotal moments in our lives or when we need to learn something about the world or our journey.

What is a right of passage vision quest?

A right of passage vision quest occurs when a child is ready to transition into adulthood. This is an important step that often bonds children even closer with the Creator.

What is a symbolic vision quest?

Vision quests involving symbolism are often the spirit world’s way of guiding us down a particular path.

What is a spirit animal vision quest?

This type of vision does not just occur during our youth; it can occur at any time and especially during times of uncertainty or strife. If you often see a certain type of animal in visions, you might be experiencing communication from your spirit guide.

What is Shapeshifting?

What is Shapeshifting?

Shapeshifting means being truly connected with our ancestors and all living things. It also serves many purposes, but is traditionally believed to play a role in healing and protecting indigenous communities.

Who can shapeshift?

Anyone who can train themselves to let their ego go and become shapeless can take on the qualities of their chosen animal. All it takes is practice, diligence, and self awareness.

When can someone shapeshift?

The shapeshifting process most often occurs during Native American song, dance, hunting rituals, and other ceremonies.

is shapeshifting similar to spirit animal?

While a spirit animal is an animal that presents itself to us in order to help us on our journey, shapeshifting is the process of actually having an experience which transforms us mentally from human to animal.