Your Spirit Animal is the Raven

Just like the raven, you are honest. You and the raven both value time and effort. Loyalty is an important part of who you are and you prefer to surround yourself with those who give you the same loyalty in return.

Honesty is one of the 7 Grandfather Teachings. Honesty means to go through your life with integrity. You are not only honest with others, but with yourself. The teaching shows us the importance of not deceiving ourselves or each other.

Honesty is represented by the raven because the raven knows who he is. The raven knows how to navigate life using his natural gifts. He does not seek the power, speed, or beauty of others; he simply accepts who he is. The raven enriches his own life by seeking out truth, loyalty, and beauty in others and the world around him.

Just like the raven, it is important for you to recognize and accept who you are. If you walk through life with integrity, you will know honesty. That will give you the power to be honest with yourself and others and truly find acceptance.

A Quick-guide of the 7 Grandfather Teachings:

Overview of the
7 Grandfather teachings
The Seven Grandfather teachings are a set of Anishinaabe guiding principles that help people respect others and lead a good life in peace and without conflict.
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that represent the 7 Grandfather Teachings
The animals represent each teaching based on their way of life and how they interact with the animals around them. We can apply their way of life, to our own.
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